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 Wall of Text™

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PostSubject: Wall of Text™   Wall of Text™ Icon_minitimeFri Jul 31, 2009 7:51 pm

The following Wall of Text™ is a guild recruitment post. If you don't have the patience to read this, then please do not apply to our guild.

[The Stoppable Force] is a growing group of horde players who are looking to fill their ranks with like-minded players who would like to run 5 and 10 player content, and generally have a good time screwing around in our bright green tabards after 8pm Central Time (after the laundry is done, the kids are asleep, and the significant others have expressed their lack of interest for naked shenanigans in the evening).

[The Stoppable Force] plays on a Central Time Zone schedule. All of our members are "family types", meaning we already have the wife/husband and kids and whatnot, and as such cannot commit to "raid night", but still enjoy the opportunity to run when given the chance. Most of us have been in other guilds, and we tend to enjoy the laid back approach to WoW. We generally run 5-man random heroics, as well as giving the Raid of the Week a shot and anyone with a 85 is welcome to join us when we run. Almost all of us subscribe to the "Army of Alts" theory, and have multiple toons who are able to provide the role flexibility needed to run something if we choose. Our guild caters to couples and family members, and we generally average 4-12 players online per night. Our primary goal is to get enough quality players in the guild to be able to run content any given night. Because we recruit PLAYERS, not toons, it is far more important to us that your personality fits in our guild, than it is that you bring a specific character type.

We are not a raiding guild; we have no plans or expectations to see (or attempt to see) any 25 player content. This does not mean that you can’t run with other guilds, but it does mean that if you’re primarily looking to do 25+ content, look elsewhere. Occasionally, we run 10-player content beyond the Raid of the Week, but these runs are rare.

Remember, nobody is forced to do anything in our guild, if you are available, and want to be part of the shenanigans, just make your intentions known to the rest of the guild. Our runs are usually on the guild calendar in game, with as much advance notice as we can give.

What we are looking ADULT PLAYERS who:
  • Are Adults. Sorry kids, it's not that we don't love you (OK, it *is*), but I already have enough kids in real life. If you are not over 18, please do not apply.
  • Take the game seriously enough to enjoy it, and generally understand what they are doing.
  • Don't take this game so seriously that they get their panties in a bunch if we wipe on something...repeatedly. This especially applies to *new* content, as some of us like to learn the encounter by playing through it instead of reading it on Wowhead.
  • Have a good sense of humor. (You'll need it).
  • Play well with others.
  • Are comfortable with "adult" conversations....we've been known to get raunchy!
  • Are not complete douche bags. (Partial douche bags are OK, in certain circumstances)
  • Enjoy the camaraderie of fellow players, and wish to contribute to the success of the guild.
  • Can take a little crap, and also dish it out when need be.
  • Don’t mind playing during the evening on Central Time.
  • Understand that family and real life come first, and that will make scheduling...hectic.
  • Want to play with people who's personalities they can actually stand.
  • Can string together coherent sentences, and can communicate effectively.
  • Can function in a solo capacity and are not overly needy.

Awesome bonus kudos if you:
  • Have at least one 80+ character.
  • Have some experience with the Cataclysm Dungeons, and don't subscribe to the "gogogo" method of dungeon running.
  • Love to tank or heal!

What we want to do test drive you. See if your personality meshes with ours. After 30 days, if you don’t think [The Stoppable Force] is the guild for you, feel free to quit with no hard feelings. Same goes with us, if we don’t think you are a good fit, we will let you know.

Who to Contact:

To inquire, send an in game mail to "Fizzbang", "Marzanna" "Lawrencebob", "Cicatriz", "Dedcowwalkin" or contact any of our members directly in game (chances are we're either on our alts, or someone in guild knows how to find us). That should get the ball rolling. We like to conduct our interviews over Ventrilo (when possible), so having access to voice communications is a big plus.

More information on [The Stoppable Force] can be found in our forums on this site.

We forge our tradition in the spirit of our ancestors. We are building a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude. You have our gratitude!
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Wall of Text™
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